In essence of this Covid-19 crisis, and no matter what opinions we all have, it is a crisis right now. This country and our state both are setting protocols we all need to respect and follow to get rid of this horrible sickness. We all need to be cautious and really think about what is going on here. It is really nothing to joke about and need to watch closely our friends and family and do what measures are necessary to protect everyone. With fairgrounds going on lockdown there will not be many races happening and that is OK. There will be plenty of time to race when this is over, Yes we miss it and everyone but the end result if we do not abide by these rules can be costly. We do not want it on our shoulders if we hold an event by trying to move things around and someone come up sick. We support everyone just having some downtime and staying healthy and safe. Take this time to help someone if you can that really may need it, take care of the elderly, and folks that do have low immune systems, This is what is important right now. Thank you all for understanding!!

  • Wash Your Hands

  • ride your horse

  • enjoy your family

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Beaver State Can Chasers (BSCC) is a 4D Barrel Racing Network designed for Barrel Racers, Producers, Sponsors, and our family as owners to work together to bring a very successful year of Barrel Racing to a phenomenal finals that has great added money, is affordable, fun, and exciting for everyone that will be involved.

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